Thursday, October 08, 2009

First bike

I remember my first proper bike. It was red. It had a white banana seat, and I'm not really sure if the handlebars had tassles or if I only really, desperately wanted tassles so much that I've re-remembered my bike with them because it makes me happy. Either way, I was very happy with my little red bike. I think back on that red bike with very fond memories of cycling around the neighbourhood with friends. The time I tried to go down that steep hill that only the really big kids used, fell off my bike and broke my glasses.

It makes me a little sad/happy that here Oldest is with HIS first bike. I wonder what memories he'll have on that. I hope they're happy and safe memories.

What was your first bike like?


  1. Best of luck with your bike Elliot, I hope you enjoy cycling as much has I did as a child.

  2. My first bike was my brother's cast off. It was green and rusty.

    Lovely to see Elliot enjoying his new bike.

  3. The Pirate got his first bike last Christmas, but he is too chicken to really ride it. It's hard because our house isn't really suited for learning to ride so it's a big deal to pack up and go somewhere.

  4. My first bike was pink and I could only ride it in the driveway..


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