Friday, January 22, 2010

Project Nice

A while back, I heard of a woman named Erinn who had a special project in mind. For the month of December, every day she was going to do something nice for a stranger. And she did it, and blogged about it. There were many people who followed her blog, who supported her.

Some of the nice things she did included writing notes and putting them in books in bookstores for future readers to find, cutting out coupons and placing them in stores to help others out, buying a coffee for the person behind her, getting up to make her husband's lunch even though he leaves at 4am, and in a really touching post she wrote about buying the medication for a man who couldn't afford it. She did so many wonderful things in this one month, it was so inspiring to read her blog. There are so many things that can be done, little things that make someone else happy.

Now, she'd like to do it again, but this time with a little help. I've decided to take part and I thought I'd throw the idea out to anyone else in case others are interested. Here is the email that I recieved from Erinn:

Welcome to Project Nice!
I changed the name from Be Nice to a Stranger to Project Nice, because it’s a project and you need to be nice.

You can follow the first Be Nice to a Stranger here

Goal: Do something nice for someone else and by doing this you will make their day a little better. It doesn’t have to be a stranger, but being nice to someone you will most likely never see or hear from again makes the action a little be more meaningful.

Your Mission: You will need to complete seven nice things in twenty-eight days. You will need to write up your experience. Then ask one friend to do something nice for someone.


1) Doing things you would normally do, does not count. If you normally open up doors for people as you are entering a building, that’s not being nice, its being civilized. The idea is to go a little bit beyond what you would do in your day-to-day life.
2) If you are going to buy something for someone try to keep it below $5 a person., UNLESS a very special circumstance comes up, like when I bought the medication for the elderly man. Being nice to people doesn’t mean you go broke in the process.
3) You can repeat a nice deed I did over the first thirty days but you can only repeat ONE. Six deeds need to be original.
4) Email me your seven nice deeds after you have completed them.
5) Your friend does NOT have to write up the experience, but they do you have to tell you about it. If they do write it up, e-mail it to me with your submission.
6) Please edit your writing before sending it. I am a TERRIBLE editor, awful, just the worst.
7) I would like to publish this in a book and on my blog. If you don’t want your story published in one form or another please let me know. Your personal information will NOT be published, first names and last initial only.
8) You may do MORE than the seven.
9) Actions you did BEFORE the official start date DO count.

Other important information:
Please e-mail you good deeds in one document or cut and paste it into one e-mail.

Please e-mail it to projectnice2.0 (a) gmail (dot) com

Due date is February 28.

Please e-mail projectnice2.0 (a) gmail (dot) com to confirm you are participating, prior to February 1. Once you confirm you are participating I will send you reminders, tips and information.

So, are you with me? Can you think of any simple things everyone could do to spread a little happiness around?


  1. What an inspirational challenge that will make you feel better after you have achieved it. Good luck.

  2. Wow thank you SO much for the shout out. I was checking out Project Nice on google to see what sort of hits it would get and this came up.
    Thanks Clover you're a rock star!


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