Monday, February 22, 2010

My favourite places on earth

I have three favourite places on earth. And some are more accessible than others to visit on a daily basis. First up, we have the library. What can be better than free books? And librarians are some of the coolest people alive. Librarians give some great advice on what to read. I love libraries, they have certainly seen me through some trying times. I always feel calm and relaxed in a library. I didn't have any photos of my local library, but apparently this photo is of my old library, in Eugene, Oregon.

Then of course, we have Legoland. I could have filled this post with 10,000 photos of the family at Legoland, but this is my favourite of me. There's just such fun at Legoland. At whatever age you are, you are sure to have at Legoland. Less than a month until Legoland reopens! I'm very excited! I love the rides, I love all the Lego, I love all the excitement of kids running around at a theme park. I adore the puppet shows and the 4D movies, I even love the food. And the Legoland badges to collect and their annual events.. oh Legoland.

And last but not least, my final favourite place on earth are butterfly houses. I love how hot it is in there, I love the colours of the butterflies, seeing them flutter around. There used to be a butterfly house near where I used to live closer to London. But I've heard it's shut down since we moved away (no connection between the two, I'm sure). And there was this butterfly house, which we went to the summer before last. I love butterflies, I do. But I rarely see them anymore. And that's rather sad. (the photo is of Oldest and me holding out our hands so that the butterflies would land on us. And we were wearing our brightest colour clothes to attract them! Neither worked!)

Where are your favourite places on earth?


  1. The soppy one - in The Drummers arms

    Other than that, the sofa in his parents lounge, because Weymouth is so amazingly relaxing, and being the first one in to my church - its so peaceful and calm and cool when you're there early to open up!

    No idea if my email is on my blog actually...but its

  2. The beach when it is quiet and there are no tourists around. I love to visit it whenever I can. It makes everything good again, as how can you have troubles when the ocean comes and goes so naturally every day.

    Brighton - I just love all the unusual little streets and places to visit. I can never get bored there.

  3. The Globe Theatre is one of my favorite places, leaning up against the stage. It smells nice. And I like being inside my childhood library too - they're tearing it down soon and replacing it with a shiny new one, and it's breaking my heart. :(


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