Monday, July 12, 2010

The pox

My eldest Boy is down with chicken pox at the moment, it's particularly bad due to his eczema, so everything has been stopped until he feels better. Send all your spare good thoughts his way? Thanks. Back soon...


  1. Oh no! I know how miserable it can be - I hope he gets well really soon! You both take care, I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for your lovely boy xx

  2. Oh no! Good thoughts going your way.... Hope that he gets well soon


  3. Aw poor fella, hope he gets well soon. It is better to get the illness as a child, but still not pleasant at all :(

    Best wishes xxx

  4. Poor kid! I am sending good thoughts to him and to you!

  5. Oh no! Is he all better now? What about the baby? (yes, I'm behind)


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