Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh, the changes

You probably haven't noticed, but I've set up a new structure for my blog posts. Did you notice that? Mondays being mini-review days. Tuesday and Thursday being dedicated reviews. Friday being a bookish discussion-type post. I only do IMMs every other Saturday to make room for another fun project I'm working on (Awesome Women!). Sundays are currently free. Which leaves Wednesdays, where I've decided to write about personal things. That said, here we go...

We've had a lot of changes around here, I'm finding it a little difficult to get used to. The biggest change, of course is that my oldest Boy is now going to primary school. He looks adorable and yet so grown-up in his uniform. It makes me weepy. I keep having flashbacks of holding him in the hospital just after he was born, now look at him. Luckily, he seems to be really enjoying it, but it is like pulling teeth trying to get him to talk about what he does at school everyday. Or who he plays with. Oh well.

(Another big change for me related to The Boy going to a different school, all the walking! I've just added an hour's walk to my life every single day. Phew.)

And because Littlest felt left out about how much growing up his big brother is doing, we decided to potty train the Littlest. Soon, I won't have any babies left. Only big boys. With no nappies. Oh I need a hug.

I've started a new university course. Lots of reading to do, even if the course isn't as long as my previous one. It's interesting. I've just read a chapter about stress and now we're discussing PTSD, which is something my dad suffers from. I'm finding it all very fascinating. Though it has been hard to ease back into the studying thing. I think the long summer holidays are a struggle. How do other people get used to it?

And! And! N and I decided to give up meat. We're more than 10 days into this new challenge and going strong, even after doing the hard thing and ordering meat-free dishes when we've been out in restaurants. I say 'meat-free' as opposed to vegetarian - because we still eat fish and dairy products and eggs. I feel a lot better about myself and can't see myself changing from this any time soon. I would have never thought it'd be something I could do, but I'm quite happily suprised by it!

So, that's it. How are things going for you? Any big changes recently?


  1. My eldest started school last week too. I hadn't thought about all the extra walking, but now you mention it all those 15 minute walks add up. I have to pick up my youngest at midday too, so that means nearly 1.5 hours of walking!

    Good luck with your university course :-)

  2. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.
    You know all of my changes.
    It is a shock when they start school. Wait until all t he party invites flood in:D
    I like working to a structure too. It lets me know where I am and I am not stressing about having to make something up.
    Brilliant as always *show-off* :D

  3. Good for you with the no meat thing. I definitely think that when you don't eat meat you begin to *taste* vegetables more.

    I'm thinking of dropping or cutting down on my IMM participation too. It's fun in a way but new features will do more in the way of making a blog unique.

  4. I know who I'll be coming to for meat free recipes now - my husband is a former veggie so in order that he doesn't feel too guilty he eats meat free during the week and free range at the weekend. The only problem I have with it is trying to think we things for him that don't involve a lot of cheese!

  5. farmlanebooks - Aww. Exciting for both of us then :) and I'll be doing the 1.5 hour very soon :( Thanks. Will need all the luck I can get with my course!

    Emma - Oh, I hadn't even considered the party invites. Oh NO.

    Lauren - are you meat-free as well? Any good recipes for me? :) And yes, I'm always aware of the levels of non-content on my blog. There needs to be some balance.

    kirsty - that's an interesting way of going about it, with the week split up like that. We're having a bit of a struggle finding interesting food to eat as well :( If I find something super-good I shall let you know!

  6. We are now looking at secondary schools for my girls as they go up next year. It is really rather scary and seems only yesterday they started infant school. I won't have any walking when they do start as we live in the next street to the school.

  7. Vivienne - Secondary school! That is scary business!

  8. Nah, same old same old around here. Or not. Pirate is in school (how did they get so old??), Bug is well, two, baby is SLEEPING. omg why am I not sleeping too??

    I have been playing with the idea of a structured week like that, it would make it easy to write posts in advance, cause I'd know where to slot them. Of course I do a lot less reading and a lot more personal stuff, but it would work.

    And when you reply to this, cause I know you will, I'll tell you the other new stuff, the stuff I can't post publicly- yet.

  9. Lisa - ha! There's really no point in this comment, as I've already emailed you :)


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