Friday, September 24, 2010

Writerly crushes

I had this great conversation once with someone where we were discussing the authors that we loved to read who were also really quite good-looking. It was fun to see which authors each of us loved and how each of us defined 'good-looking.' We ended up with a really long list of authors, which sadly I did not write down. Here are the highlights of that day.

1. Neil Gaiman - I'm fairly sure that Neil Gaiman would be on most people's lists. He writes beautifully, has an interesting accent, seems like the coolest guy around, the uncontrollable hair. He's very much a rock star, isn't he? Except he's an author. One whose novels I've read mostly read (but not many of his graphic novels, WAAHH!) and and I will read anything he writes. Until forever. Some of my favourites? The Graveyard Book, Coraline, American Gods, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, Stardust.

2. John Green - Nerdfighters FTW!! This one is a little bit strange as I don't find John Green good-looking so much, but he is absolutely adorable. I saw him on one of his BlogTV broadcasts the other day, and he read poetry. And I've never wanted to know more about poetry as he did just then. When I'm watching his videos, I'm really struck by how smart and passionate he is about things, and when those things are books and words and language, then how can I not feel warm-fuzzies for him?! His books in order of my preference: Paper Towns, Looking For Alaska, Will Grayson, Will Grayson (with David Levithan), An Abundance of Katherines.

3. Markus Zusak - Let's get this out of the way first, I have yet to read The Book Thief! I know, how shocking is that? I will get to it, I promise. I did, however, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE I Am The Messenger! And Fighting Ruben Wolfe. I have Getting the Girl in my stack of books to read soon, and how excited am I that he is publishing a new book, Bridge of Clay early next year! And isn't he gorgeous?

4. Michael Chabon - Look at those eyes. I think Michael Chabon is the author I know the least about. In fact, I believe he was the person who kicked off this conversation of cute authors in the first place asI had no idea what he looked like at all! I absolute adore his novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2001) and have since read Wonder Boys and I'm in the process of acquiring his other books. He's one of those authors that I'm most excited to read more from.

5. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - A Nigerian author who's been quite popular within the blogging community with her two novels, Purple Hibiscus (which won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for a first novel in 2005) and Half Of A Yellow Sun (which won the Orange Prize in 2007) I sadly have not read either despite owning them both. I have, however, read her collection of short stories, The Thing Around Your Neck and enjoyed them very much. I hear that her novels are much more complex and detailed and I'm fairly confident that I will love them to bits. So at least I have that waiting for me. Isn't she absolutely striking?!

And there we have it! Who would you include on your list of authors-you-love-to-read-who-are-also-incredibly-good-looking?


  1. I agree wth John Green and Michael Chabon (who I've never actually heard of!).

  2. Ha! Who knew that Markus Zusak was such a hottie.

  3. Writerly crushes = Neil Gaiman. Read Neverwhere earlier in the year and have had to read all his novels from then on. I just have The Graveyard Book to go now. Then onto the graphic novels, which is a brand new genre for me.

  4. Yep yep. I agree with your list. You've taken all my favorites! :)

  5. Damn, Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie is indeed exceptionally beautiful. I guess I've seen pictures of her before, but I forgot.

    I have a crush on John Donne. I find him and his writing quite sexy, so it's a shame he's dead.

  6. Michael Chabon - wow! He is gorgeous. Might need to pick up one of his books now.LOL.

  7. Sophie - oh you should read Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay! It's just what it says, amazing!

    Splendibird - I know!

    Katie - Wow, you've been very determined. I think I just have a collection of short stories and Good Omens to go but I think I'm saving them for the right time. I've tried a couple of his graphic novels, but couldn't really get into the Sandman series. Good luck to you!

    Suey - Sorry? They're a good looking bunch, though, aren't they? :)

    Jenny - she really is, isn't she?! I was shocked the first time I saw a photo of her. And John Donne! That's the weirdest author crush I've ever heard :) :) :)

    Viienne - isn't he? I recommend Kavalier and Clay!

  8. I feel so bad! Ive never read any of Neil Gaiman's books. My sister has every single one though so might try some over Xmas break. He's very nice looking though lol

  9. *Confession time* (and a showcasing of just how shallow I can be *blush) - I have never read any of Neil Gaiman's books either. But boy, am I going to start now. See, told you I was shallow. *blushes profusely again* I love this post of yours by the way :)

  10. Lyndsey - isn't he? :) How great that your sister has all of his books, easy access! I hope you do read something by him (and love him like I do!)

    thebookfairyhaven - HA :) I don't think it really matters why a book is picked up.. especially if you read it and love it, whatever it is! And thank you, I had a lot of fun writing this post :)


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