Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Blog domain

With the whole Love month experience going on during February, I never did get around to telling anyone (Twitter aside!) about N's thoughtful and extremely sweet Valentine's Day gift... he bought me my own domain!

This blog is now the proud owner of Hurrah, how exciting is that? :)

But! That is not all. He always printed out these gorgeous business cards and bought me this beautiful business card holder. I feel very important now. For days, I'd just pull out the business card holder and just stare at it and the business cards. So, so pretty.

...but yeah. Just to let everyone know - the old address still works and will forward to the right place, but if you could use the new address in future, even better. Should be no need (though helpful) to update your feeds, it's all been done automatically (I hope!) but if anyone is having any issues, do let me know.


  1. Those business cards are so pretty!

    Congrats on your own domain name. I want to get one too, but I'm scared on messing things up. Is it a complicated process?

  2. Thank you, I think so too :) I can't help but just stare at them!

    I have no idea how complicated (or not) it is, N handled *everything* for me without my knowledge. But as far as I could tell, it was pretty simple and I've had no problems!

  3. I am too scared to do this now, after all the trouble Asamum had! Glad it worked for you though.

  4. Very cool! And those cards and case are very pretty!

  5. Hurray! I'll change my link right now. Lovely cards!

  6. What a lovely gift! I'm very happy for you :P. And those are very beautiful business cards!

  7. Awesome! What a lovely gift ;)


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