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Hermione, Ginny and Luna (Awesome Women)

I adore the Harry Potter series of books by JK Rowling. And almost as much, I've loved seeing the books be adapted into wonderful films. I can't even put into words how much I love the world that JK Rowling has created, her fabulous characters and the situations that they are put in. I love the magic and how these books (and films) have inspired so many children and young people.

And for me, I especially love her female characters. As much as I love Hagrid and the Weasley twins, I especially love that we see women in all forms, from mothering Mrs Weasley to studious Hermione to absolute bad-ass villian, Bellatrix Lestrange. And so today, I thought I would say a little something about my favourite three Harry Potter women.

Hermione Granger - I admit it, I kind of see myself as a Hermione type. Especially in the first book, where she's overly studious and a stickler for rules and quote really boring things like The History of Hogwarts. She also doesn't have any friends and doesn't really know how to fit in with her bookish ways and her big bushy hair. All things that I could relate to very well as a teenager.

Thankfully for all of us, she learns to really lighten up a bit and I love the banter between her and Harry and Ron. She really goes from annoying know-it-all to really wonderful and loyal friend. Plus, I think it would be awesome to be able to use a Time-Turner. Though, possibly for other things, rather than taking more academic classes. She uses her cleverness to help conceal the DA and continuously fought alongside Ron and Harry against evil.

I loved the slow and sweet relationship between Hermione and Ron, but also loved that she is so much more than just a romantic love interest.

Ginny Weasley - And then there's Ginny Weasley. Who is sort of the annoying little sister at the beginning of the books. When she first attends Hogwarts in Harry's second year, she's so smitten with him she can hardly string a sentence together in his presence. After some wonderful advice from Hermione, she is able to lighten up around Harry and not focus on him so completely.

She goes on to have several relationships with other boys, plays quidditch incredibly well, is known for her severe bogey-bat hex and is a prominent member of Dumbledore's Army. I love how her confidence really grew as the series went on and I loved her transformation.

Luna Lovegood - Luna Lovegood just makes me happy. I love her quirkiness and how she just marches to her own beat most of the time. Quite happy to be kind of an outcast and friendless, Luna often goes on about mythical creatures like nargles, and of her father's magazine, the Quibbler. Until she meets Harry, Hermione and Ron in the fourth book and joins the DA.

I really feel quite badly for Luna. I hate that she's so picked on and ridiculed but it makes my heart happy that she found a group of friends and is able to be accepted for her own wacky self.

Do you love Hermione, Ginny and Luna as much as I did? Who is your favourite character in Harry Potter?


  1. I love all three of them as well! There are so many great characters in Harry Potter that it's hard to pick, but if pushed I would choose Luna because she's not afraid to be her quirky self. I also really like Neville for the same reasons and becasue they are both so brave.

    I can't wait for July to come :)

  2. Well other than Harry himself, my favourite character is Ginny, really liked her journey and wished we could have seen more of her trough out the books.

  3. Fab post :) I love all three but my favourite is Hermione and like you I love the relationship between Hermione and Ron - one of my favourite fictional couples!

  4. Hermione is my favourite HP character. She was the one that I saw myself in the most when I first read the books. I also love Bellatrix in a she's-horrible-but-a-brilliant-character kind of way.

    Awesome post, Michelle!

  5. Yay! thank you for giving a shout out to these Awesome Women! I love Harry Potter. Its what really got me into to reading and the women in Harry Potter are something that makes it so good. I do love Hermione and Ginny and Luna (Luna would be my favourite out of the three) but most of all I have to say my Awesome Woman pick from Haryr Potter would be Mrs Weasley! I think shes totally amazing! :D x

  6. I love them all! I agree that these women really are awesome. I particuarly like Ginny and Harry's relationship. Hermionie is great too, and Luna is fab! Harry Potter is the best. In my opinion, Ron is my favourite character :-)

  7. I love these women too! Luna makes me laugh so much :D Ginny is OK... I found her a bit whingey at the start, but then she got great! Hermione is my favourite of the three, I can really relate to her. And she's so strong and just so awesome! My favourite character is either Harry or Hermione! And I agree, the movies really do the books justice, unlike a lot of book-turned-movies. I like the movies NEARLY as much! But not quite...

  8. One of my friends is a make up artist on Harry Potter and she does Luna's makeup. She says she is very sweet.

  9. Such good choices. I adore Hermione, I identify with her so strongly. I also love Ginny and really enjoyed watching her grow and develop over the course of the books. And who couldn't love Luna?

    Like you say, Rowling created many wonderful women and whilst I can't look up to her I think Bellatrix is a wonderful creation.

    Great post!

  10. First, thank you all for such a lovely response to this blog post!

    TLO - Oh I cannot wait for July either. Just watching the trailers gives me goosebumps. I really love both Luna and Neville SO MUCH. You're so right, they are very brave but at the same time they really aren't afraid to be who they are. I'd love that quality in anyone.

    Darren - I think it would have been wonderful to see more of Ginny in the books as well, but I can sort of see why she isn't more prominent in them (as the stories are told from Harry's perspective and he doesn't 'see' her for so long!) I do love her though.

    OMP - They are wonderful, aren't they?! :)

    Sophie - Bellatrix is definitely a character that I LOVE to hate. She's wonderful. As of course is Hermione.

    Raimy - I love hearing stories about Harry Potter inspired so many new readers! :) I'm with you, I think Mrs Weasley is definitely awesome.

    Zoe - I think Ron is a wonderful character too! :)

    Cliona - I think the films are a lot of fun, I love watching them and feeling the same sort of feelings that I have when I read the books, but you're right it isn't quite the same, but very nearly :)

    Vivienne - Oh how wonderful :)

    Jenni - Bellatrix is a really fantastic character. I almost have no words for her :) I think JK Rowling did an amazing job.

  11. I love Luna! And of course Hermione. I always loved Ginny though! Being the youngest out of a huge family I could relate to her some..

  12. My favorite character (I'm a little embarrassed to admit this) ended up being Harry. I know! That's so stupid! But I grew up with him and I don't know, I just was so proud of what a good person he grew up to be. However, I love the women in these books. I was sad Ginny didn't have anything much to do at the end of the seventh book -- I wanted to see her kick at least a little bit of Death Eater ass.

  13. I love all of these characters too! I really appreciated the fact that Ginny and Harry weren't together the whole time. I think she needed some time to grow up and experience life outside of Harry in order to make their relationship balanced down the road. So many great female characters. I'm re-reading the 5th book right now and it's making me love Tonks too. She's so fun and clumsy.

  14. Becca - Oh I bet it was easy being able to relate to Ginny, I hadn't really thought of that!

    Jenny - I don't think it's stupid that Harry is your favourite character! He is the MAIN character after all, we see from his perspective and it's growth that is most obvious throughout the books. To be honest, I don't really remember the final battle scene very much. I've only read it the once and I was sobbing mess throughout it all!

    Melissa - TONKS! Oh my god, how did I forget Tonks?! I love her so much.

  15. Hermione was definitely my favourite, smart and not afraid to let the world know it. I also felt sorry for Luna, and thought Tonks was amazing.

  16. Julianne - I'm kind of kicking myself for not remembering Tonks, I loved Tonks!


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