Friday, July 22, 2011

REVIEW: Defiance by Lili St Crow

Oh hurrah for such a fun and exciting series as the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow! Defiance is the 4th book in the series, and it is one of my favourites of the four books published so far. What I love so much about these books is how exciting and fast-paced they are. Everything moves at such a quick rate and so many surprising things happen, I'm almost left breathless by it all.

The huge cliffhanger of Jealousy made me all the more excited to read this book, and it was certainly no disappointment. We're immediately thrust into Dru's life, as she must continue her training and her education of the Real World while she struggles through the agony of not knowing where Graves is or what he is suffering at the hands of Sergej.

Though Graves is missing from much of the story (WAHH! I love heart Graves) in his place is Christophe, whose relationship with Dru has always been a little complicated. The progression of the Christophe and Dru relationship during Defiance had me absolutely fascinated and my excitement for more in this bizarre love triangle grows and grows. I cannot wait to read more in the next installment!

There's LOTS of action here, as you'd expect, as well as lots of deceit and betrayal and nobody is sure quite who can be trusted and who can't. I love how Lili St. Crow really keeps me guessing in that respect and I admit to seeing none of the twisty plot turns in advance. This series just makes me incredibly happy to read and I will always be excited to read more in the Strange Angels series!


  1. My dad bought me the first two in this series for my birthday and I really was excited at the time. Now they've been sitting on my shelf for 7 months unread. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to read it as it sounds really awesome. It's just finding time! I love reading a book with great twists that you just don't see coming. Hopefully I'll get to these before my next birthday!

  2. TSB - So many books, so little time, I can completely understand that! I really love the series though and you might find once you've started them that you'll end up MAKING the time for each new book in the series, just like I did :)

  3. I'd not heard of this series, it sounds great!


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