Thursday, August 04, 2011

REVIEW: A Tangle of Magicks by Stephanie Burgis

Oh, I love Kat Stephenson. And this book. I read A Tangle of Magicks by Stephanie Burgis very shortly after reading A Most Improper Magick and while I did worry for a minute that I might not like the sequel as much, my worries were completely unfounded. A Tangle of Magicks is so exciting and I really need more Kat in my life.

I really just can't get enough of Kat's Unladylike Adventures. Kat is just so much fun. I really love how A Tangle of Magicks contains everything that I really love about the series - the magic, the fun characters, the great relationships between characters, and seemingly huge, insurmountable problems - but also provides us with a fun new setting, new fun characters, more magic and even bigger problems for the Stephenson family.

As the story begins, Kat and her family are preparing on the morning of her sisters' wedding. Everything should be rosy and fairy tale-like in the Stephenson family, with Elissa getting married and with Angeline having found her true love. But of course things do not go to plan at all, and the Stephensons find themselves very quickly uprooted to Bath to stay with snooty relatives of Stepmama's in order to escape from the gossip and scandal that they've left behind at home.Having been banished from the Order of Guardians and with Elissa away on her honeymoon and Angeline not talking to her, Kat is left to her own devices for much of the book as she finds herself entangled in this mysterious and dangerous plot involving wild magic and the Roman baths.

While in A Most Improper Magick, I felt the story mostly revolved around the actions of the three sisters, but for A Tangle of Magicks, that family dynamic has shifted considerably. The presence of Kat's brother, Charles, and of Kat's father become more apparent as they play a bigger role in the chaos and mishaps that occur throughout the novel and I really enjoyed reading of their respective parts in the family. And though Kat and Angeline have their own problems in this story, it really is apparent how much they care for each other and towards the end I actually shed tears at the strength of their sisterly relationship. Sniff.

Kat is just as wild and unstoppable as before and I love that about her. She's very brave, standing up against the injustices that she and her family have suffered at the hands of Lady Fotherington. She's also loyal and stubborn and strong and really is a fantastic character. And the setting of Bath is really wonderful. I loved all the details of the Pump room and how Society would congregate there, drinking the water with its healing properties.

A Tangle of Magicks is an incredible sequel in a series not to miss. It's magical and adventurous and funny and utterly unladylike. And I really cannot recommend them enough!


  1. Hurrah for another sequel that lives up to expectations :D

  2. I haven't heard of this title before but it sounds like a lovely read.

  3. You are turning into quite the fan! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. You are putting the rest of us to shame with your British Book reading, you know. I'm delighted and impressed.

  4. Jenni - Yes, for sure! :)

    SJH - It really IS a lovely read, the sequel to A Most Improper Magick.

    Becky - I really am, aren't I? :) I really must thank you, without your British Books Challenge I really wouldn't have read so many. And I'm thoroughly enjoying myself!


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