Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer villians (Paranormal Month)

I'm sure it's no secret on this blog, that I'm a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had a completely different post planned today, but changed my mind in order to talk about villians in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With seven series of the show, there are many to choose from. Here is a small list of some of my favourites. Please feel free to share your own in comments!

Mayor Wilkins - Now I didn't especially find Mayor Wilkins all that scary. But his cheerfulness was a little creepy. I really loved his twisted relationship with Faith though. And I love the fact that he was going to give his entire speech at the graduation ceremony...

Adam - Part human, part demon, part robot. Super strong and built to kill. He gets Spike to help him take down Buffy and the Scooby gang, but they triumph in the end.

The Trio - Didn't we all just laugh at these three geeky boys at first? I think we were meant to, and then it all got a little more serious. Warren, Andrew and Jonathan.

Faith - Faith really is one of my favourite characters. I love how this show does such a great job of giving these characters depth. They aren't all perfect and good, as you can see from this list of villians. Faith, Spike, Angel, Willow. They all struggle with the darker sides to their characters and it really makes for some fascinating television.

The Gentlemen
- When I first had the idea of this post, the first villian(s) to come to mind were the Gentlemen. They are so unbelievably creepy! They really stay in my mind as the scariest things I've seen on TV is a very, very long time. I thought the whole episode of Hush was done SO well.

Willow - As I was watching the show, I think the most shocking and surprising thing that happened, for me anyway, was the death of Tara. Not just that she died, but that she was shot with a gun and died. No supernatural beings or demons or spells or anything. Just a regular person using a regular gun. And I love the grayness of Willow as a villian. I can understand where she was coming from here. I wasn't a huge fan of Willow's ongoing problems with magic and I wasn't afraid of Dark Willow, so much as I thought it all a little sad, but also interesting.

Caleb - It's Nathan Fillion! As a serial killer priest and the right hand man of the First Evil. The First Evil should really be the main villian here, one of the hardest (obviously) Big Bads to defeat, but as it uses Caleb as its face, I feel justified in putting Caleb on my list instead. He inflicts real damage to Sunnydale and prospective Slayers ... even removing Xander of an eye.

Drusilla - One of my favourite characters! She's insane and a vampire and also psychic. This mixture of cruelty and childishness really makes for a scary villian. Her and Spike are wonderful together.

Spike and Angel - I'm going to join together these last two villians or else this post will be miles long. And obviously this is not a picture of them when they are bad... I really liked both of these characters. Both very bad vampires who turn good and try to help. I of course, preferred them bad...

Who or what was your favourite villians from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


  1. Awesome post, makes me want to start rewatching Buffy again! You've picked so many great villains, I'm not sure I could pick a favourite though the Gentleman would surely take some beating!

  2. Jenni - I'd love to watch all of Buffy over again, but all N will agree to is the occasional Buffy episode now and again (I've recently made him rewatch Dawson's Creek season 4 with me and at the moment we're watching season 2 of Felicity) and last night we watched the episode Hush with The Gentlemen and *shudders* are they scary.

  3. Not a big fan of vampire novels, but I LOVE BUFFY - agreed, The Trio were great value

  4. Oh, wonderful wonderful post - I agree with all of it, especially what you said about Tara and Willow. I am a massive Spike fan. Buffy is the best series ever!

  5. The Mayor is my favorite, I think. I liked the fifth season the best ultimately, but the third season has the best villain. He's in cahoots with Faith, whom I love, and he likes hand sanitizer. What's not to love?

  6. Anna - While I do mostly like vampire novels, they are becoming my least favourite paranormal creature!

    Luisa - I completely agree, Buffy is probably my favourite tv show ever, there's just so much to love about it!

    Jenny - Hand sanitizer :) Nothing says 'villian' like that!

  7. I think the Mayor is my favourite villain, he's so nice to Faith but so evil!

  8. Julianne - A very popular choice, it seems :)

  9. Bad Angel is my all-time fave baddie, I think but I definitely enjoyed The Gentlemen too. Proper scary, that episode.

  10. The Gentlemen are probably my favorite villains, but the Mayor was so good too! I also loved some of the villains that walk the line between good and evil, like Angel and Spike. Such a great show.

  11. Stella - Definitely! I am partial to Bad-Angel as well, especially because it brings in all these other feelings from when he's good, but The Gentlemen just SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME.

    Melissa - It really, really was! :)


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