Monday, November 28, 2011

Some of my favourite bookish websites

I've had SUCH fun producing reviews and posts to fill up this month. I'm so inspired by the wonderful selection of books by British authors that I've read this month and throughout the year, and having reading them, I continue to want more and more.

Today, I thought I would share with you some bookish links just in case you were also interesting in finding out more about these wonderful authors that I've been reading about lately. And I've also included some of my favourite fellow book bloggers who spend a considerable amount of time and energy reading and reviewing. I don't think book bloggers ever truly get the recognition they deserve for their incredible work.

Please do feel free to share in comments YOUR favourite bookish links that promote books by British authors, whether it be a favourite UK book blogger or British author blog.

Author websites of the books I've reviewed this month/author contributors

Floella Benjamin
Sophia Bennett
Theresa Breslin
Julie Bretagna
Kevin Brooks
Catherine Bruton
Jo Cotterill
Keren David
Susie Day
Joseph Delaney
Jill Hucklesby
Savita Kalhan
Mike Lancaster
Hayley Long
Sarra Manning
Jill Mansell
Sophie McKenzie
Nicola Morgan
William Nicholson
Luisa Plaja
Joss Stirling
Tabitha Suzuma
Jenny Valentine
Marcus Sedgwick
Rachel Ward

UK Author blogs I love

Keris Stainton - Keris is quite obviously one of my favourite people. But she's also the person I'd say has most inspired me to keep blogging, to keep trying new things and to strive for more and better. I will always read Keris' blog. It's filled with such a wonderful variety of things that make me smile or stop to think.

Zoe Marriott - Zoe's blog is something newish for me. I hadn't really heard of Zoe or her books until earlier in the year. Just before Shadows on the Moon came out, I believe. I'd been sent a review copy of the book and took the book away on holiday with me. Shadows absolutely blew me away and I've been a huge fan of Zoe's ever since. And her blog is absolutely wonderful. She writes really interesting detailed posts about writing that fascinate me.

Keren David - I started following Keren's blog last year after reading the amazing When I Was Joe and the sequel, Almost True. Just like with Keren's books (which I adore) I find her blog posts to be very emotional and intelligent. She writes about her writing and about books and recent news events in such a way that it always makes me interested. I do love reading her blog.

Cat Clarke - I think what I like so much about Cat's blog is the tone used. I think for most of the authors blogs I've come across, it feels as though something is being held back or that some authors feel like they have to appear in a certain way. And with Cat Clarke's blog, I don't feel that same hesitation. Her posts are also about books and writing, but it feels very conversational and a bit fun, with the photos of hot guys and her adorable puppy and the music videos.

Collab author blogs

Girls Heart Books - Here is a wonderful, wonderful collab blog. I absolutely ADORE it. There's 30 or so authors who write books for girls aged usually between 8-14 and have banded together to write blog posts about their books, writing, inspiration, names. It's a really lovely mix of topics and authors to discover here. One of my absolute favourite blogs to read on a daily basis.

The History Girls - For those of you interesting in history, fiction or writing, this is the place for you! I always find the most entertaining and interesting posts written about on The History Girls. They cover nearly every historical period of time and have such fun things to share.

The Edge - The lovely Edge authors have all made an appearance on my blog at one time or another, and for good reason. These authors are all writing my favourite type of YA books. Sure, I like light and fluffy and dystopian and paranormal and occasionally historical, but where my heart truly lies is with the stories with a layer of grit and ..edge about them. And this blog delivers in that area and allows me to better get to know this group of authors. Well worth a visit.

My favourite UK YA book blogs

Wondrous Reads - I don't think Jenny needs any introduction, do you?! I think most people would immediately think of Wondrous Reads when thinking of UK book bloggers!

Serendipity Reviews - Vivienne is one of my favourite bloggers, and I think what I love so much about her blog is how hard she works at bringing us more than just wonderful reviews but also fascinating interviews with authors about writing. It's always wonderful to read new posts.

The Book Memoirs - It is the same with these two lovely ladies, Elle and Kate. I love their rating system, their discussions on different topics and especially the very many different themed events going on! A fairly recent discovery of mine, The Book Memoirs is a firm favourite.

- Chicklish will always be one of my favourite YA book blogs. It's probably the first review site in the UK and is always filled with fab books and giveaways and news. Plus, it's run by the wonderful Luisa Plaja, who is just an angel.

New-to-me blogs that I've come across lately

Anna Scott Reads

Wear the old Coat

I would love to hear which blog sites are your favourites! Please do share in comments! Thanks.


  1. A great selection and I have to say I completely agree with all your choices!

    I'd also add your blog to that list thou! :D

  2. OMG! I am gushing. I would never have expected to be included in such a wonderful list. Thank you so much for such kind words.

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely mentions, Clover. This is a brilliant list and I love all these sites too!

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely comments about GirlsHeartBooks!

    Great list: lots of fab familiar faces and some new ones for me to check out too - thanks.

  5. Jules - Oh thank you so much :)

    Jenni - Thanks! :)

    Vivienne - You are very welcome and your spot in my list of favourites is very well deserved :)

    Luisa - No problem whatsoever :)

    Susie - They are all wonderful, especially Girls Heart Books! :)


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