Tuesday, January 24, 2012

REVIEW: A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton

A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton is the exciting sequel to Darkness Beomes Her. It's this great story that combines paranormal creatures with Greek mythology set in New Orleans. I really wasn't sure what to expect when I started the series, but I've been hugely surprised and delighted to be so swept away into the story and the characters!

A Beautiful Evil begins shortly after the events of Darkness Becomes Her. Our main character, Ari, is trying to deal with the fall-out of the battle between her and Athena, in which her friend Violet has been captured. Ari wants nothing more than to be prepared as quickly as possible, both with knowledge and also phsyical training in order to go up against Athena again. The thought of her father or Violet suffering under the imprisonment of Athena makes her furious.

So with the help of the other New 2 folks and the somewhat elusive Sebastian, Ari gets her wish. But battling a Greek goddess is pretty dangerous, even with Ari's special abilities. Ari still doesn't have all the information she needs or the ability to use her gift, but she has great attitude and determination going for her! I love the way I was so fully sucked into this story and this series. I loved the bits of mythology we're able to pick up, learning more about things like Pandora's Box and also more about Ari's new roommates.

The story never goes in the way in which I expected and all the twists in the storyline had me on the edge of my seat. It's a very exciting and adventurous and I was left at the end desperately wanting more. There were so many questions I'd like answered, about Ari's father and the choices he has made. I want to know more about Sebastian and Violet and I can definitely see the action being explosive as the battle between gods and monsters continues in the next book! Bring it on.

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