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TV Boyfriends by Jenni from Juniper's Jungle

Hello Jenni from Juniper's Jungle! Jenni is no stranger to Fluttering Butterflies as she is one of my favourite bloggers and friends. My life would be a much worse place without her in it!

So I'm thrilled that she's here today and here talking about some rather swoonworthy TV boyfriends.

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When Clover asked for guest posts for Love Month I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, my current crop of tv boyfriends. These are the men I love most of all in my favourite tv shows, the ones I wish would appear in real life and whisk me away to somewhere warm and exotic.

Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights, played by Taylor Kitsch)

The first name that instantly springs to mind for me is Tim Riggins. I know I’m not alone in having a crush on this troubled football player, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ended up in the middle of rapid paced discussions on Twitter about him. So why do I love him? Well other than his obvious physical appeal there’s his loyalty, his huge heart, and the way he tries to do the best for everyone else. He may make some bad decisions along the way but he always makes them for the best of reasons.

Eliot Spencer (Leverage, played by Christian Kane)

When I started my list I imposed a rule of one boyfriend per show, Leverage was the one show that nearly made me cross that rule off as Alec Hardison is quite possibly the most attractive geek currently on tv. But the rule is there and so Eliot Spencer claims his rightful place on the list. Here we have a true southern gent with a proven romantic side, he’s taught the other men of the Leverage a thing or two about how to treat a lady. Yes he’s done things in the past he might not be proud of, but these days he’s one of the good guys. And if I could just draw your attention to his arms...

Dean Winchester (Supernatural, played by Jensen Ackles)

When I first started watching Supernatural I was wowed by both of the Winchester brothers. Initially Sam grabbed my attention, he could probably give Hardison a run for his money in the most attractive geek stakes, but the more I watched the more I knew I belonged on Team Dean. He can come across as a little gruff and intense, but then he cracks that beautifult smile and all is well with the world. He is fierce in his protection of his family and close ones, being prepared to make huge sacrifices for them on numerous occasions. And his taste in music is pretty similar to mine so there’d be no arguments about what was played in the Impala, regardless of who was driving.

Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-0, played by Alex O’Loughlin)

Former Navy SEAL turned police task force head, Steve McGarrett is quite the catch. He shows time after time that he’s willing to do whatever necessary to get the job done, just think how much care and attention he’d give to wooing a girl! He’s a man with many skills, showing he’s got the intellectual smarts to match up to his physical prowess. Fluent in multiple languages Steve is particularly good at delivering a snarky quip, I do love a man who’s good with a one liner. And again, if I could just point out the arms...

Neal Caffrey (White Collar, played by Matt Bomer)

Oh I do like a bad guy who’s become a good guy. Well almost a good guy. Neal Caffrey is smooth, suave, eloquent and utterly charming. He’s also incredibly intelligent, when he starts talking about the items he’s stolen or forged in the past, or the best way to pull off a con I’m quickly reminded just how attractive smart is. Neal’s a total flirt, turning it on as soon as new female crosses his path, but deep down he’s a real romantic. He’s a bit of a throwback to a bygone era, whether he’s wearing immaculately tailored vintage suits or singing a swing number he manages to ooze that timeless charm.

Sir Percival (Merlin, played by Tom Hopper)

I was pleased when Sir Lancelot returned to Merlin, but I was even more pleased that he brought Sir Percival with him. Over the last series we’ve got to know Sir Percival a little better, he’s proven himself to be a loyal knight, always willing to back his king in any battle. He’s very caring, often going to the rescue of small children or villagers when there’s something scary rampaging. Oh and if you’d care to take a look at his arms too, and appreciate the marvel that is sleeveless chainmail...

So there we have my list. It’s a jolly good job there’s no need for monogamy when it comes to tv boyfriends because I really don’t know which one would get the job!


  1. Ah, I love this list! Sir Percival is known simply as 'Sir Arms' at my house, due to his penchant for sleeveless chainmail. But I still haven't seen FNL or White Collar. I AM A FOOL.

    Awesome post, thanks to you both - I love Love Month!

    1. Thank you! I think I may adopt 'Sir Arms' for him from now on :)

  2. I heartily endorse all choices. (Although I don't watch any of those shows. I'm thinking I HAVE to start watching the Merlin one though.)

    1. Merlin is very good, and has a knight for pretty much every taste :)

  3. Sleeveless chainmail? It's a hazard!
    Thanks for a really interesting post! :)

    1. But he's so big and tough that he manages to remain unharmed :)

  4. I absolutely adore this post, thank you so much Jenni! Definitely a post I won't get tired of looking at :) Tim Riggins! *sigh*

    Also, loving the comments. SIR ARMS! That's exactly what I'll be thinking when we watch Merlin again. Also, White Collar is looking all kinds of appealing.

  5. love this post! I have only seen supernatural from this list but mmm I may have to start watching Friday Night Lights for Tim!! lol
    I love Alceede from True Blood, he'd have to be on my list!

    1. Whilst I was writing this post I discussed a few ideas with a friend, she wondered if Eric might make the list but at the moment none of the True Blood boys quite make the cut (I have to be tough or I'd have a list longer than my arm)... I'm currently partway through season 4 and it's looking like one of them might make it by the end of the season ;)


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