Thursday, August 02, 2012

REVIEW: Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent

Have I mentioned before that I'm a HUGE fan of the Soul Screamers series? Yes, I have? Maybe once or twice?  It's also worth repeating... I am a HUGE fan of the Soul Screamers series and Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent has been my favourite book in the series yet.  Mostly because I just can't get enough of Tod and Kaylee!  But the romance aside, I found Before I Wake to be utterly exciting and tense and emotional as Kaylee adjusts to her afterlife and her job and this new relationship.

I love that most of the story revolved around Kaylee's difficult adjustment into her afterlife.  She's no longer alive and that changes everything for Kaylee.  She has to learn how to remain corporeal in front of her friends and family (and harder still, classmates!).  She's struggling to connect with her humanity and feels a bit disconnected from it all.  She has an anchor to that side of her in Tod, but there are so many things thrown at Kaylee in this book, I almost can't see how she manages it.  With school, her disconnection from life, her romantic entanglements and trying to win back the forgiveness of her ex, but also encountering her long-standing nemesis, I do not envy Kaylee's position in Before I Wake. 

But she's also changed for the better.  It's like she's lightened up some, realising the things and the people that truly matter to her and she's able to forgive and move forward and see the people in her life in a different perspective.  And that shift in attitude and outlook gives Kaylee a new strength and confidence that was wonderful to witness. 

More than anything, I love how very different Rachel Vincent has written this series.  She throws curveball after curveball and I find myself changing my mind constantly about how I feel about the storyline and the characters and I love that about this series.  I'm also kept on my toes, with my heartbeat racing.  I cannot wait for the last book in the series!

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