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Kirsty from The Overflowing Library (Celebrating British Bloggers)

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post for my new feature, Celebrating British Bloggers!  I've been wanting to do this since beginning my British months in previous years, and I'm absolutely thrilled that Kirsty is my first interviewee.  She is one of my favourite people ever and I do so adore her blog.

You might already be familiar with Kirsty, as she hosts the British Books Reading Challenge 2012 as well as the popular feature Bookcase Showcase, but if not, you really ought to go follow The Overflowing Library!

Other places to find Kirsty:

First, can you tell me something about yourself and your blog?

I'm Kirsty who blog at I've been blogging for just over 2 years and reads and reviews Young Adult books. I also teach history so am always on the look out for some good historical fiction aimed at teens.

How did you begin being a book blogger?

I became a book blogger after finding a few other UK book bloggers via and decided to set up my own as a way to keep a log of what I had read.

When you're not reading or blogging, what do you do with yourself?

When I'm not reading or blogging I'm usually working sadly enough. As I said I teach and that takes up a lot of my time! I do watch a lot of DVDs too and go off on blogging related road trips with Sarah as and when I can.

What was the first book you reviewed on your blog?

The first book I reviewed on the blog was If I stay by Gayle Foreman. the first review book I reviewed was Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham.

What has been the best experience of being a book blogger so far?

Best experience so far has to be the trip I got to take with some other wonderful book bloggers to Alnwick Castle as part of the poison diaries book launch. We had an amazing trip, got to stay in the castle where Harry Potter was filmed and had afternoon tea with the Duchess of Northumberland and stayed up all night gossiping with all my favourite book bloggers. I must admit that was a pretty special one off and actually any chance I get to meet up with my blogging friends is always pretty awesome.

You can do it, what is your absolute favourite book?

I can't pick one!
Ummm if you forced me my favourite book of late has to be Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar. Ask me again next week and it'll probably change though.

If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would you choose?

Ooh that's another hard one. I'd be torn between Katniss and Tally. Both awesome girlies who kick-ass.

Name your top 5 UK book bloggers!

Again it's hard to pick a top 5 so these are 5 of my favourite bloggers at random (but I could easily quadruple this list)

Sarah from Feeling Fictional because she is wonderful and makes me laugh and lets me crash at her house lots

Carly from Writing From the Tub because she is also wonderful and I am jealous of her dress sense

Lyndsey from Page After Page because she gets my OCDness

Liz from My Favourite Books because she is like the godmother of all bloggers and awesomely cool

Cicely from Cicely Loves Books because I love her teenage ways

If you could meet your favourite author, who would you like to meet?

I have been lucky to meet loads of authors who I've loved in the las two years but I'm still to have the chance to meet JK Rowling and get something signed from her so probably her.

What would you like to see more of or less of in YA?

I'm loving my contemps so more of those please and I love UK YA so more of those please. Kind of getting sick to death of dystopian and paranormal romance of late.

And finally, who is your ultimate book crush? 

Ooh again I'm fickle and I change my mind a lot but I loved John from Jennifer Echols Going too far. He was gorgeous. 

Thank you so much, Kirsty!  I'm completely with you on the love for John After!  I loved reading your answers to these questions, I'm so happy that you took part!

If you are a UK book blogger and would like to be interviewed for this feature, please do email me or leave a comment below!

What do you think of the choices Kirsty has made?  Let her know in comments!


  1. This was so much fun to read, I can't to see the others in this feature! Totally agree about more contemporary and UKYA. I'm so honoured to be one of your top blogs, Kirsty :). Although is it bad I was mostly touched by the dress sense comment than anything else? Ha!x

  2. Hello, I have been stalking this blog for a while now. this is an excellent idea. The list of great blogs was really cool.

  3. Yay for British Bloggers! I love Kirty's blog so I really enjoyed reading this. Great interview, both of you :)

  4. :D nice interview :) love this feature :D xxx <3

  5. This is such an awesome feature - I can't wait to find out more about all the fab UK bloggers :o) I'm also very honoured to be picked as one of your favourite bloggers Kirsty!

  6. Thanks Kirsty for your brilliant answers! And for all the rest of you for reading/commenting :) I'm glad that this feature is getting some support!

  7. This is a great feature - I always like to discover new blogs. I'm going to have to pootle over to Kirsty's blog and her five recommended sites. LOVE the pic of Kirsty surrounded by a huge wall of books.

  8. I love this new feature! Can't wait to read the rest as well :) I'm really honoured to be picked as one of your favourite bloggers, Kirsty, because I love your blog :)


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