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blogINK entry: Seeking best friend within the pages of YA...

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I've always been an avid reader.  There's just something very magical and amazing about reading and it fills a hole in my heart that sometimes I wasn't aware existed.  For instance, maybe it's because I moved around so much as a child, but I've never really had a best friend.  One who knows me so completely, someone who stands by me, sticks up for me and to whom I tell all my secrets.

So my favourite stories of late all contain one huge thing - strong friendships with characters who are there for each other and support one another.  Because with these strong friendships in books I feel as I am able to live vicariously through the main characters and experience these emotional connections in a way that I possibly don't get in real life.  I crave that.

So here are some of my favourite friendships in the books I've been reading. I'd love for you to share your own favourite literary friendships!

Harry, Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Some of my favourite scenes in Harry Potter, especially in the last two books are when Harry goes over all stoic and solitary believing that he'll bear the weight of this dangeous mission on his own and Hermione and Ron are there to tell him that he is not alone.  And while Harry Potter can sometimes feel apart from his friends and family in so many ways, I do so love his entire support network, from Hermione and the Weasleys to Hagrid and Dobby and everyone.  In a battle against the Dark Lord, I'd love to have these three at my back!

Jem and Will from The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

While I do love the group of Shadowhunters in Cassandra Clare's previous series, The Mortal Instruments, it is with Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince in which she brings us my favourite aspect of the series -  this fabulous friendship between Will and Jem.  I love how each protects and defends the other and how Will holds the happiness of Jem over his own happiness.  Against the demons and evil that surround Victorian England, these two have got things covered.

Decker and Delaney from Fracture by Megan Miranda

I think it's fair to say that Megan Miranda is one of my favourite authors.  And this is because of the incredible friendships that she writes.  I love strong friendships but I also love when these friends fall in love, like with Decker and Delaney.  There is absolutely no hesitation at all when Decker dives into a frozen lake in order to save his friend and in that instant I fell in love wholly and completely with Fracture.  That level of commitment and loyalty to a friend will always win me over.

Applications are now open: Girl, seeking best friend to share secrets, have adventures and battle evil.  Or maybe just lounge about eating ice cream and talking boys and books!

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