Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Singing karaoke

EEEEK! I need help.  It's a friend of mine's birthday soon and to celebrate his birthday, we always go to a private karaoke place and him and N and another friend all sing karaoke for a few hours.

Let me tell you where I'm at with this whole thing.  When I was little, I loved to sing. I was in a choir in primary school and I used to volunteer for every solo going because it was fun! and I loved it! And then it got to that point where you had to audition for choir .. and I thought to myself 'of course I'm going to do this! Why wouldn't I? I LOVE to sing!' ...and then I auditioned. And I was told that I can't sing for crap and that I should never do it again.

Except in a slightly nicer way. Needless to say, my little 10 year old heart was broken. And my confidence in singing plummeted. But I didn't give up! I still tried out for my school's musical (but didn't get a part) and I sang karaoke in front of a large audience together with a friend at the county fair. ...only to be told in a loud whisper halfway through the song to stop singing. Universe, I can take a hint. I don't have a good singing voice!

So I sing now in the privacy of my car (with the windows rolled up) and in the kitchen as I'm cooking or doing the dishes.  I don't sing when anyone except my children are nearby.  N's even noticed that I stop singing altogether when *he* comes into the kitchen.  The point of this story? I can't sing in front of other people.

And yet, I'm going to this karaoke birthday celebration.  And I don't want to be afraid anymore. I don't want to let the singing traumas of my past affect what I do now.  My friend has invited me to this thing, and I'd like to take part in some way.  I tried thinking of the songs that I enjoy singing along to and they are...

My Guy by Mary Wells

Rescue Me by Fontella Bass

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by The Shirelles

You Can't Hurry Love by Diana Ross and The Supremes

As you can see... I'm a fan of the oldies.  But they're all a little high. And I'd be nervous to sing them.  I really need your help.

What sort of song would you sing at karaoke if you can't really sing? I need a song that is forgiving of this fact.  Something popular and well-known that would mean that the karaoke place would have it there.  What do you reckon?!



  2. Oh wow, I think you're so brave! I have a rubbish singing voice too, and I don't think I could ever sing anywhere except a place where no-one could here me! I really don't know what I'd sing, but if it's well known enough for other people to join in, you'll be fine :D Good luck!

  3. I can't sing either, but I love karaoke! Good on you for doing this one :-) you should do I Will Survive or something like that with a friend, everyone loves that song and no-one will judge you! :)

    1. I think the biggest worry for me is getting over my own fear and doing it, rather than any judgement from someone else! Thanks :)


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