Monday, July 15, 2013

REVIEW: Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics by Ellie Phillips

There is so much to love about Sadie Nathanson and this series! I thought Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics by Ellie Phillips was a really fun and cute book that had me rooting for Sadie, smiling at her crazy family and becoming more interested in the complexities of hair. 

It's hard to say what I love the most about this book.  I love Sadie very much. I love how into hair she is and that hair is something she openly admits to be geeky and passionate about.  I've never been that fussed about hair - mine or anyone else's, but Sadie's enthusiasm for it makes me change my mind about it.  She's really committed to being the best with hair that she can be and I find that a really admirable trait.

The other thing about this series that makes me love it so much is Sadie's bizarre family.  I love how her and her cousin, Billy, are so close that they're more like siblings than cousins. I love the extended family with her Aunty Lilah and Uncle Ze.  I love that Abe has been taken into the fold and that though while they all bicker and get all up in each other's business, that when it comes down to it, they're all there for each other too. I love big supportive families like Sadie has and I wish there were more of them in YA literature! 

In Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics, Sadie is dealing with lots of different things.  She's applying for a hairdressing competition that has her stressed out. Especially after a dye job in her aunt's salon goes wrong and Sadie is fired.  Without an apprenticeship at a hair salon, Sadie will never be able to enter the competition. I love the steps that Sadie takes in order to fix this problem and I love all the new characters that we meet, especially Dariusz and his 'brrrush'!

Together with the hairdressing competition, there is drama concerning Billy and his band, insecurities over her relationship with Tony and Sadie's half-sister appear out of the woodwork!  I feel like some of the drama and conflict could have gone a little deeper but I didn't mind so much because of what a great character Sadie is and because of how great her family dynamics are portrayed. I desperately want to attend Friday night dinners with Sadie and her family!

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