Tuesday, February 18, 2014

YA Book Tag Line Game 2014

 Last summer I had SO MUCH fun playing a little book tag line quiz that I thought that I absolutely MUST do it again this year.  I'm hoping to do it twice this year. Now and one later in the year for the second half of the year's titles. 

So, tag lines. It can't just be me who notices and loves tag lines. Especially when they have particularly good puns or are intriguing enough for me to want to dig into the book to see what on earth they mean!

More about this particular quiz: all of the books below are taken from books in my possession. Some of the tag lines are from ARC copies but I've tried wherever possible to choose tag lines from finished books. Hopefully all the books I've chosen have been (or will be!) published as physical books for the first time in 2014. The fonts and numbers below have been randomly allocated and these fonts definitely do not represent how they look on the actual books. Leave your answers in the comments below! I will update the tag lines with the answers after everyone has had a chance to guess... If any tag lines are particularly difficult, I may give clues throughout the week. Let's see how you all get on. Good luck!

1) The family secret will disgrace her. Unless she fights back... 

2) Blondes need not apply

3) Meet Ben Fletcher: Accidental criminal. Liar. Master of mohair.

4) Some vows are destined to be broken 

5) Our rights, our bodies, our future

6) A story about life, death, love, sex and swearing 

7) Love knows no limits 

8) Let the contest begin... 

9) Shrouded in secrets, the truth is murder... 

10) An unstoppable team, a mind-blowing mission 

11) Ordinary is not an option 

12) The truth is hard to share ... Impossible to forgive.

13) Never tell a soul...

14) The battle starts here 

15) Living with the truth can be murder...

16) If falling in love was against the rules ... would you break them?

17) Wonderland was just the beginning...

Get guessing!


  1. 2) Red.
    3) Boys Don't Knit
    11) Who Framed Klaris Cliff
    16) Storm & Stone.

    I although thought 12 would be Trust Me, I'm Lying. It seemed to fit but its an October pub & probably doesn't even have a tagline yet ;) Can you DM me what is it? Wanna find on GR XD

  2. Ooh...

    2) Red
    3) Boys Don't Knit
    6) When Mr Dog Bites
    7) The Madness
    8) Fire & Flood
    16) Delirium (?)

    (I may have cheated slightly with 7 and 8 as I have copies right in front of me...) ;)

    1. Hehe I did for 11... I was like, MUUUMMM... What's the tagline for Klaris Cliff? I was guessing as 16 was there so would that... :P
      So no, 16 isn't Delirium... they're from this year? XD

  3. Okay, umm here goes:

    2) Red
    3) Boys Don't Knit
    6) When Mr Dog Bites
    7) The Madness
    8) Fire & Flood
    9) Dead Silent
    11) Who Framed Klaris Cliff
    13) The Name on Your Wrist
    16) Storm and Stone (not sure about this one?)
    17) Unhinged

    Really stuck on 5 – guessing it's a dystopian?

  4. 1 feels like it could either be Ruin and Rising, or The Heir of Fire, that is just a complete guess and is probably wrong
    16 is storm and stone


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