Wednesday, July 09, 2014

REVIEW: Harder by Robin York

Oh man, was Harder an amazing sequel.  I really didn't think that I could love another book more than I loved Deeper but Robin York really brought it with Harder.  It was really emotional and complicated and I fell hard again for both Caroline and West in this book.

Harder tells us this story about this broken relationship between Caroline and West.  It's four months or so after West left university to return home and Caroline and West have broken up.  Even so, when West phones Caroline after tragedy has struck, Caroline is pure reaction: she jumps on the first plane out to Oregon in order to be with West to try to provide comfort and support in this difficult time.

What was heartbreaking was West's reaction to Caroline being around his mother and in this environment he'd fought so hard to leave behind.  What Caroline learns during her time in Oregon is that the people you care about the most are definitely the people who are capable of hurting you the most. And West does his very best to lash out and get Caroline to leave.  I wasn't expecting this. I thought from the product description that a lot of the book is set in Oregon around West's family, but it isn't.

Not only is this book about West and Caroline and how they both move forward from what happens in Oregon but it's also carries on what happens with Caroline's lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and about taking responsibility and about making the right decisions for the right reasons.  I loved the messages in this book about how people everywhere make things harder for no apparent reason and how both West and Caroline try to break out of this habit and work towards having what they both really want.

I absolutely adore Caroline and West.  I love Caroline's determination and I loved seeing West take care of his sister and seeing West realise how much his upbringing and home life have meant that him and Frankie have missed out in so many ways.  I loved seeing how much West changes over the course of this book.  It isn't easy but it's worth it.

I really love both Deeper and Harder by Robin York.  I loved seeing this amazing, chemistry-filled couple and to see the massive highs and lows of their relationship.  I loved how in both stories both West and Caroline stepped up in order to support the other when it was most needed.  What a fantastic story that I really recommend!

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