Thursday, June 18, 2015

REVIEW: Finding Jennifer Jones by Anne Cassidy

Earlier this year I finally read Looking For JJ, the first book by Anne Cassidy about child killer, Jennifer Jones. I thought that book was dark and surprising and very thought-provoking and after I finished reading it, I was incredibly intrigued to see where the author would take this story next. And I wasn't disappointed with the sequel, Finding Jennifer Jones.  It didn't quite reach the same level of emotions that Looking For JJ did but it was still incredibly fascinating and thoughtful and I was gripped by it from the very first page.

Before I started reading Finding Jennifer Jones, I did wonder if Looking For JJ really needed a sequel. It felt like quite a lot had been covered in the first book already. And then I started reading Finding Jennifer Jones and realised that Anne Cassidy probably knew what she was doing here. And I found it really wonderful (if at times unrealistic?) to see the conclusion to Jennifer's story and to see things from a different perspective and to catch up on some of the other characters' lives that we were introduced to in the first book.

Finding Jennifer Jones takes place several years after the events of Looking For JJ and JJ is now Kate Rickman and a student at Exmouth University. She lives with roommates off campus, has a summer job and is trying to hold a normal life after the dramatics of her release and the media storm that happened in Looking For JJ.

Things should be wonderful for Kate.  She got what she wanted: her anonymity back, attending university, the ability to go on with her life.  But there are certain things that hold her back from fully appreciating what she has.  Two things happen that really spur this story on.  The first is that a girl is found drowned in the sea and evidence is found that links this drowned girl to Kate.  The second is that Kate reaches out to Lucy (Mouse) in London and apologies to her for what happened all those years ago.

I found both aspects of this new plot really fascinating. It was difficult to witness Kate's experiences with the police and their investigation to this new tragedy.  It felt unfair and slightly harrowing how quickly Kate is mistreated and assumed to have committed this crime. I could really feel Kate's frustration at never being able to live down the events of her past.  Which is why I could really believe in her wanted to clear the air with Lucy.  Everything that happened in that second half of the novel had me on edge as I knew she was doing the wrong thing but it also felt entirely believeable that she might make the mistakes she did.

I really enjoyed Finding Jennifer Jones.  I loved seeing some loose tied up and seeing the conclusion to her story.  I wanted good things for this character and I was amazed by how real she felt to me while reading this two books.


  1. I loved Looking for JJ so much when I was younger, was super excited when I found out there was a sequel (really must get round to reading it!) Lovely review, I'm interested to see where the story goes.

    1. Thanks, Maia. I hope you enjoy it if you do get around to reading it :)

  2. This one looks really interesting. I think I have a copy of Looking for JJ knocking around, but I've not read it. It sounds like a really ace and, dare I say it, DIFFERENT book!

    Great review, my dear.

    1. Thanks, Jo! I absolutely how very different the first book felt. It was shocking and emotional and really made me think. As did this one :)


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