Thursday, September 03, 2015

Looking for comfort

Things are tough for me right now. I don't want to go into it too much because I'm not ready to share that level of emotional pain, but things aren't good.  It's a lot of family-related drama and it's meant that I've had to address a lot of things that I thought were buried and left far behind. Totally wrong about that because you can't really move on from some things, can you? I don't know. I haven't been able to. Sorry for the vagueness here, by the way.

I kind of feel like I don't have any choice but to soldier on and do the best I can to take care of myself and not worry too much about everything else. So that's been the last few weeks/months for me. Reading and blogging have been a bit iffy and that won't change for awhile because this whole thing has seriously shifted something inside me and I'm finding it hard to go back to something resembling normality. Until then, here are some things that I've turned to for comfort.

Hot chocolate

I really only ever drink hot drinks when I'm not feeling well. And I think this counts. It's very comforting sitting somewhere, wrapped up in a blanket, holding a big mug of hot chocolate with little marshmallows. Bliss, if only for a few minutes.

Sarah Dessen

I know these are the US covers, but they'll do. I absolutely love Sarah Dessen's books, I always have and reading through my (too small) collection of SD books is perfect for me right now. I love that her books are so much about finding a place to belong, about family and friendships. It's been really nice to return to a favourite story and beloved characters and take that journey with them again. All my life I've been using reading as a means of escape and I just can't go wrong with a Sarah Dessen book.

The Wreckers

Do you guys listen to Michelle Branch? She's one of my favourites. I love all of her music. There's something really wonderful about the pairing of her lyrics with her music. I listen to her solo music all the time but the album I keep returning to is the album she did with one of her backing singers (and another solo singer) Jessica Harp, Stand Still, Look Pretty. I love how emotional Michelle Branch's songs are but something about this album in particular really grabs me right now. Stand out songs for me are the titular song, Stand Still, Look Pretty. But also Hard to Love You, Leave the Pieces and Cigarettes that each have lyrics or a general sound that just speak to me in a way that I can't describe.

North and South and Persuasion 

And finally, the comfort watch that I return to the most often are period dramas. It used to be Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and any adaptation of Jane Eyre ever, but lately I've gone back to my most favourites: North and South with Richard Armitage and Persuasion with Rupert Penry-Jones. I love both stories but having two gorgeous men in the romantic leads makes things that little bit more special for me! And a bit of eye candy in a period drama is hugely comforting to me.

What do you do, read or watch when you're in need of comfort?


  1. *hugs*

    I'm right there with you with North and South, and hot chocolate. Brown Bag hot chocolate is THE BEST. But at home I've just started drinking Whittards Salted Caramel hot chocolate - YUM!

    Michelle Branch is awesome, her song Goodbye To You has me in tears all the time. Which leads me to Buffy - Buffy is my comfort blanket. If I want to cry I watch Becoming, if I feel lost I watch Once More With Feeling. I think I could link an episode to an emotion :)

    I hope things settle down for you x

    1. Thanks :) Haven't been to the Brown Bag in aaaaages but Whittards Salted caramel hot chocolate sounds divine.

      Goodbye to You is one of my favourites! And *coughs* we're watching Buffy from the beginning with the boys. Probably not quite so age appropriate for a 7 and 9 year old, but there you go!

  2. ((HUGS)) Here for you if you need Michelle.

    I LOVE period dramas and like you, North & South and Persuasion are favourites plus P&P with our Colin. Also love Jane Eyre with Michael Fassbender.

    V x

    1. Thanks V x Yees, LOVE period dramas. All the ones you've listed are favourites of mine. Love.

  3. I'm sorry you're going through a hard time. Taking care of yourself is SO important, even if it's just the little things, so I hope they are helping.

    For me, I like to read stories about people who are feeling what I'm feeling, whether it's anger or bitterness or betrayal… It makes your feelings feel more valid, somehow, when you know someone else is experiencing exactly the same thing as you. Just a reminder that we're all human and we're all in it together. Plus, a good cry every now and then does wonders for your soul.

    Sending love and light x


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