Friday, January 27, 2006

New Link

OK, so I decided to update the links of the sidebar.. it was something I really didn't know how to do and I usually put off things I don't know how to do. Not this year (hopefully) So anyway, I hope you find them interesting. They're most of the links I look at more than others.. We have my friend Diane's blog - who inspired me to create this. A look at my old blog, which I hardly updated. Meg Cabot's blog, author of the Princess Diaries books amongst others. The website for Jelly Belly - fabulous creators of juicy pear jelly beans, my all-time favourite food. (Can jelly beans be counted as food?) A disturbing/sad website, PostSecret. Some random pregnancy sites I've found useful. My university's website, the place I use to print digital photos, Books Etc's website (where I work/worked) A couple of my favourite authors - Garth Nix, author of the Old Kingdom trilogy, and the best pop-up artist, Robert Sabuda. Anyway. There are my links. Enjoy.

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