Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Version of Me

So, I did it - I went and had most of my hair chopped off, and honestly it feels like such a load has been lifted off my head. I always find that hair salon places are so intimidating - partly because I'm immediately stared at when I walk in, and partly because the women in there are all fashion-y type people with weird hairdos and I always feel like I'm being judged for my scruffy (yet so comfortable) combat trousers and my hair thrown back in a messy ponytail. I'm glad that experience is over, and it'll be at least another year before I get another haircut.


  1. You're brave! I'm too scared to cut my hair - I have no clue how to maintain a hairstyle. It doesn't help that my hair grows so slowly. It makes change all the more intimidating.
    Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Hey I'd like to see a picture of you now after having chopped your hair off!


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