Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The other day, I was looking through some old books I'd kept in storage and basically, forgot I had. And I came across my freshman and sophomore yearbook. Three things struck me right away about them - 1) how incredibly terrible my haircut was. No wonder that rotten boy (I refuse to say his name STILL) thought I was a boy 2) how very little I participated in anything. I joined no clubs/teams/unions etc. Come to think of it, I hardly went to class either and 3) what people wrote - it's too sad. I'd known those people by that time over three years and a lot of them wrote 'hope to get to know you' like none of them properly had. Am I that distant? I hope not. Another entry... 'best friends forever' signed by a girl I haven't spoken to in well over 6 years. How would someone go about trying to track old friends down?


  1. or google on her name + city/state where you grew up would probably be a good start. it's actually amazingly easy to find people.

  2. Remeber our crazy thing about the "Rock"?


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