Thursday, June 15, 2006

Save Karyn

What a great book this is, with a great story. I absolutely loved the idea. And although I didn't always love Karyn's writing style, the book came across as quite humourous and ultimately uplifting. I LOVED her justifications and excuses for buying more and more expensive things! I'm such a girl, I did cry, maybe three times. I hope I'm not spoiling anything for someone out there who hasn't read it (I recommend it, if you haven't already) but when someone donates $20 and says instead of paying off bills to go buy herself a latte and some cheesy magazines, I lost it. Also, a phone call with her father, and when someone bought her Gucci bag off Ebay, and then told Karyn to keep the bag anyway there were plenty of tears. Thank God I was reading those bits all alone in my living room and there was no around to make fun of me. At another bit, my husband did once hear me laughing out loud (but quietly because I had a sleeping Boy in my arms) and he asked me if I was OK. When he worked out that I was actually laughing, he smiled and went back to what he was doing - I guess he's used to my mad behaviour. Anyway, Karyn's got a blog, pretty* in the city, and a new (fiction) book out called 20 Times a Lady (I'll blog about this later, damn WHSmith) - so go on then, get reading! :)

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