Thursday, October 26, 2006

Couch Potato

Since having Baby Boy, there hasn't been that much time for watching television programmes... everytime my husband and I would get into some show or movie, Elliot would get a little ratty or it'd be his bedtime or whatever. So we decided on getting Sky+ when we moved into this house. I've quite enjoyed it. I've caught up on shows I'd stopped watching a couple of series back (or watching old favourites like Roswell and Angel again)(or starting to watch shows that I'd never given a chance and am a little embarassed to admit I watch, like Dark Angel and One Tree Hill), getting a chance to see documentaries I didn't have time to watch the first time around (The Life of Mammals - how much do I love nature programmes?), and finding new programmes (Seconds from Disaster and Air Crash Investigations). I feel kind of bad though, that I end up getting quite excited when a new Air Crash Investigations is showing. What is it about destruction and devastation that is so compelling to watch? My favourite show at the moment, though is Sleeper Cell (and only partly because of Darwyn's eyes, I swear!) I can't wait for new American shows to be showed over here though! Prison Break and Heroes!

I had a new-registration check-up today though at my new local surgery. It was quite depressing, and I felt slightly guilty over the amount of TV I'd been watching lately when asked how much exercise I do in a week and when the nurse told me what my BMI (body mass index) is. I am officially overweight. And I knew that already, but was trying to avoid thinking about it.


  1. Hey there is nothing wrong with admiting you like Dark Angel.

    Don't worry about excercise, taking care of a baby is hard enough work without having to get your self down over stuff like that. I think you look lovely just as you are :-)

  2. Yep, I tend to put off exercise. It is highly needed though since I'm feeling run down lately.

  3. I don't know if they are showing this show over there, but Grey's Anatomy, is my newest fav show.. you should try to check it out sometime..


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