Sunday, October 22, 2006

House Photos

All right, I finally did it. I took photos of our house for everyone to see. It's just the downstairs for now - the bedrooms are in no fit state to be taking photos apart from Boy's newly decorated one, but it's not done yet. Here's the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The camera doesn't have a big lens or anything so they all to be in two parts. I should have smartened the rooms up first, but I didn't. Hmm. Blogger only let me upload five photos (and I'm bloody surprised they worked, but they've been put in a funny order.. I'll have to narrate now:

Here's half of our dining room .. Elliot decided he wanted to get into the action :) Our fridge is too large for the kitchen, so it's in the dining room again.

(above) The living room. Boy's toys take over that corner, and we do still have one or two boxes laying about.
This is the other half of the living room. The idea of sitting in that armchair with a good book is a lovely thought, but it doesn't happen very often. Everytime I cuddle with Boy in that chair, he tries to rip out all the hair from the sheepskin and then eat it.
Above is the second half of the dining room. We didn't want the table to take up all the space, so we shoved it into a corner :) We eat in the kitchen anyway, because look at that lovely big counter... Everyone who sees just a picture of the kitchen always says 'oh I'm not sure about that colour' but honestly, the red isn't that overbearing once you step inside, I swear.
I love my silver stools. Anyway, that's it for now.


  1. I said to Bri, "You want to see the inside of a REAL English house?" and he jumped up from his chair. "Yeah!"

    Your silver stools are so whimsical.

  2. i love your red cabinets. And is that blue leather? wow, cute! your little one is so cute sitting in the background. he looks like a darling!

  3. Very, Very Cute. I love the big blue chair....sounds comfy!

  4. Love your kitchen! Those stools are awesome.


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