Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It's going to have to be a meme week, seeing as Elliot still isn't well :( Here's another meme I saw somewhere...

Reading: Complete collection of Poems by Emily Dickinson, The Drowning Season by Alice Hoffman, brief snippets of the book N's reading, which looks a lot better than either of mine, blogs on my 'Blogs I read' list

Music in my head: Patience by Take That

Drinking: Sprite (and its far too sweet)

Wishing: Elliot and N would feel better soon (we're off to the doctor's surgery for the doctor to have a look at Baby Boy)

Considering: Making ham and cheese muffins after the doctor's appointment

Feeling: Tired, achey, worried

Goals: Have a good night's sleep (didn't say they had to be reasonable goals!)

Tomorrow’s To Do List: Depends on if Elliot will go to Grandma's or not. If not, entertain a sick toddler for the day. If he is, put together the radiator cover we bought 4 months ago, put up N and Elliot's birth plates, put door brushes on the kitchen and bathroom doors

Hours gloriously spent in bathtub today: Oh dear, I wish I had that kind of time. It's a quick shower for me, if I'm lucky

Things Accomplished: Managed to get Elliot fed, dressed, and changed and to our toddler group on time this morning, managed to NOT smack bully-child taunting my boy at toddler group, fixed lunch (pitta bread pizzas), watched 10 minutes of Heroes before Elliot woke up from nap, made the doctor's appointment


  1. Aww I hope Elliot feels better soon. :)

  2. Elliot, get better soon.

    Curious, what are door brushes? Never heard of those before.


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