Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ah, Christmas

Because Elliot's birthday is just short of a month before Christmas, N and I tend to do Elliot's birthday and Christmas shopping all at once. So a few weeks ago we set out to all the toystores in the area, picked out some stuff and said 'right, that's Elliot's presents finished.' And the thing with buying presents early, is there is also some good sale, or we'll see something else that we think 'Little Boy would LOVE that' and being the parents we are (the spoiling kind), Elliot gets heaps more presents anyway. Such a thing happened today. I recieve an email from N to say that he's just bought this and considering buying this for Boy. So how does it work in your family? Shop early buy twice as much stuff, stick with a list, a maximum number of gifts? How to manage to not go completely overboard?!


  1. Hi. We make a list and stick with it. I love the kitchen for a boy. My first born, a boy, got one for Christmas too 4 years ago and we have been using it every since. We love it. A good solid choice.

  2. I try to make a list, but then fail to stick to it. I am incapable of buying just one thing for anybody. We've worked out it's because I'd always get sveral different lots of presents from my parents - my mum did this cos we didn't get presents from various aunts etc (dad's side) and she wanted us not to lose out.

    This year I am going to try to stick to two things per person, I am being helped by the fact that no-one will tell me what they want!


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