Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oldest and Littlest

All is well here in the Fluttering Butterfly House - just adjusting to life with a newborn. There is so much I've forgotten. I forgot how tiny newborns can be. I forgot how often they need to be changed. I forgot about all those aches and pains that are still there after labour is over and done with. But at least Oldest is coping all right. For the most part. He is acting up a lot more, but I think it's more down to his age rather than a lack of attention or jealousy on his part. He likes giving 'Bosswa' big kisses and pats on the head and he's been quite helpful getting the changing mat out and handing mommy cushions or the muslin square.

And just look how sweet they are together. Oldest gives Littlest two thumbs up! Everyone kept asking if Littlest looks like Oldest did, and I kept saying no, I didn't think so - until N found the two photos of the brothers looking almost identical! They could be twins born 2 years and 4 months apart! I really do have gorgeous sons!


  1. Oh you are so right. 2 gorgeous sons. They do look identical at that age. How wonderful of you get online to update us when you probably should be trying to get some sleep :)

    Yes I too remember when Alyssa arrived. She seemed so much smaller than how Christopher was and the weight difference was only 13 oz. Oh I can't wait!

    Take Care of yourself too mama!

  2. so cute.... Such handsome boys... Now, go rest! :)

  3. Congratulations mama!!! He's gorgeous! They both are!!

  4. That thumbs-up picture is just the best!


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