Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wish list

1. To have 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

2. Actually, I'd settle for 8 hours.

3. Hell, even 6 would make my day.

4. A haircut and my eyebrows reshaped.

5. To lose 15 pounds.

6. To have enough concentration to sit through an entire movie or 2 hours reading a book.

7. A day to myself without worrying about laundry or sterilising bottles.

8. Ooh, a holiday.

9. For Oldest to continue taking an afternoon nap.

10. For Littlest to switch from 3 hourly feeds to 4 hourly feeds.

11. More sleep.

12. Clothes that fit.

13. Did I mention some sleep?!


  1. boy was i happy when i got even a 4 hour stretch of sleep. i hope you're hanging in there! the beginning is the toughest, i was just there. (it's amazing how much one forgets about the beginning after the first kid, huh!) but the beginning went so quickly! i can't believe it's over already!
    you'll be getting sleep soon, i promise!

  2. Oh babe! I'd send you a box of sleep if I could :-)

  3. Ship those beautiful boys my way and I will let you sleep, LOL...


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