Wednesday, April 29, 2009

York, Part One

Yes, we went to York on holiday, home of the National Railway Museum, the largest railway museum in the world. It houses the only bullet train outside of Japan, the fastest steam locomotive in the world, the Mallard and so much more. Oldest adored the place. He kept talking about going back to the train museum every day that we were in York.

While we were there, we met up with my sister in law and her family for the day. It was nice to see them, and catch up a little bit. We took a lot of silly pictures, even tried to get the three boys to sit together nicely for a photo but we didn't quite manage a good one. Oldest helped out during storytime by waving a flag and blowing his whistle at the station. It was cute.

When we were finished, he said to his cousin, C, 'you can come back to York tomorrow, OK?' and was disappointed when we told them that C was going back home. He loves his little cousin. He kept giving him hugs and kisses and holding his hand. It makes me sad that they live far enough away for us to not see them regularly. Luckily, they're here for the bank holiday weekend coming up.

This is York Railway station. We went there to sit down and have a drink and N took Oldest to see the trains that came in and out of the station. Oldest adored it all. He kept making train noises and tooting. He still is, actually. Everywhere we go he pretends to be a train and chugga-chuggas along.

Imagine his excitement when Oldest realised that the B&B we'd booked was close enough to the train tracks that he could see trains whooshing past by looking out of the window next to his bed? He stayed up late every night waving to those trains with that same excited look on his face.


  1. Looks like you are all having a lovely time up north.
    I bet Elliot's already a huge Thomas the Tank engine fan

  2. My sister lives near York - my little boys love the train museum - they will sit and watch that model railway for ages!! It looks like you all had a great time!

  3. What a great place to vist. I would have really enjoyed that too. Thanks for sharing such fabulous pictures with us.

  4. Sounds like love at first sight with the trains!

  5. Sounds like a fun trip! I guess there is something about boy's and trains, eh? My husband would love to go to a train museum!

  6. ok. honestly? this is kid HEAVEN! poops was just keel over with happiness if he were there. LOVE IT!!

  7. Christie - Yes. That's exactly what it was like for Elliot :)

    Becca - What IS IT with boys and trains?

    JG - it really, really was.

    Scrap girl - it was a wonderful day, mostly because Elliot enjoyed himself so much and because we had other family down. Otherwise, trains for me aren't that interesting!

    farmlanebooks - I adored York. I'd love to go back again and again :) Elliot had to be dragged away from the model trains..

    Shadowfalcon - Yes, he is a Thomas fan, sadly. Thomas the Tank Engine has to be one of the most expensive toys for kids to get into though :( Oh, the merchandising..

  8. Trains! aw wow looks like a fun time! I never knew york was home to the rail museum, I may take my Mr Man for a day trip.. I am sure he will love it as much as elliot did!

    and what luck getting a room with a view of the trains too! x


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