Monday, May 11, 2009

Musical Memories... You Were Always On My Mind

I don't talk about N much on this blog. It's down to him. He likes his privacy and while he has had his own blog on several different occasions, he usually keeps himself to himself. I don't like to share what he wouldn't share himself, which isn't much. He doesn't read this blog regularly but I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this small bit of information.

N grew up quite musical. He went to both violin lessons and piano lessons from a really early age. And while he did go further with the violin, he prefers to play the piano. He grew up playing classical music, but now he prefers either to play modern songs and sing along (because he has a great singing voice as well) or write his own music. These days, of course, he doesn't get much time to play as he works long hours, we're pretty busy on the weekends and two small boys love all the daddy-time they can get. But I love to hear him play. I don't think there's anything I could say to persuade him to play the violin for me, but him playing the piano for me is a much better bet.

I've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Any instrument, I'm not fussy. In fact, I did try to learn to play the piano when I moved here 9 years ago. But I didn't learn how to read music properly until I was 18 and still I'd get confused. I'm not exactly tone-deaf, but it is close. And I don't have the time or the dedication. It's just one of those things that I'd like to do but not enough to put the work in. Kind of like my novel. But I'm always impressed with people who can play. I think it's sexy. Hands, I find people (N, mostly, but not entirely) who do things with their hands incredibly sexy.

I'm not a big Elvis fan, I like his music but I'm not overly-crazy about it. Maybe that's why I hadn't heard of You Were Always On My Mind until I'd moved here to England and N played it for me on the piano. It wasn't the first song he played for me, it isn't the song he's played most often and it actually isn't my most favourite song that he's played for me, but everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of him, which is why I chose it. It's kind of sad and pretty at the same time.

Can you think of a song that reminds you of what attracts you to your partner?


  1. My hubby plays the piano, he tends to improvise across a variety of styles and it makes me weak at the knees! Like you, I've never quite bothered to learn...

  2. oo I love the piano also. I never had lessons as a child although dabbled a little during music classes at school.

    I use to try my hand at most but never really persued anything.

    re: reading music. This was also my downfall. I cant read music either although I have a nifty tirck of memorising what I hear and playing thru memory.

    I dont think it matters if you cant read music.. as long as you enjoy it. x

  3. That is one of my favorite songs ever!! It is so sad but also very romantic.

    I have ZERO musical talent.

  4. My hubby plays guitar and he wrote me a song when we first started going out. so sweet.

  5. My husband is not musical at ALL. I used to play many instruments when I was young(er) but my talent left me. It was so easy as a kid but now, my patience isn't there and it requires a bit of talent but a lot of discipline.

  6. I'm not a big Elvis fan either, but NOBODY sings that song as well as he did.

    Like you, I want to play, but I just don't want to practice. I'd love to be able to shred on the guitar like Hendrix, but I'm afraid the closest I'll ever come to learning the guitar is playing Guitar Hero.


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