Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest post: A Love poem

And now for something a little different. John O'Halloran is an amazing poet that a friend of mine brought my attention to. He's agreed to share with us one of his own original poems today. Thank you John, for being so brave and for sharing something so personal with us...


I never bought you flowers for your birthday or for Valentines
I never bought you chocolates, bought you jewellery or exotic wine
I never gave you presents, or my presence, for you were not mine
I never felt you sleeping, there beside me, for the hundredth time

I never had the courage to be brave enough to make you mine
My physicality gave not the strength to me to make you see
I never held you in my arms, or held you close, or kissed your lips
I never held you close to me, my fingertips upon your hips

I never knew what others knew, the ones who seemed so wrong for you
I never felt you had a clue, you carried on, like people do
I never felt I had the right, to be with you, like others do
I never felt they had the right, they stayed with you, for just one night

A night would never be enough, enough for me, to be with you
I'd rather not have you at all, but let it be, the fantasy
In truth you see, I loved you more than any man you ever saw
You never saw, I never showed, and nothing more and nothing owed

I never bought you anything, I never gave you any ring
You never were my queen and I was way too weak to be your King
And now that we are parted with a permanance that can't be bridged
I find that I am haunted by the many things I never did

Wow. Isn't that incredible. I really feel like giving John a hug now. Be sure to check out John's other poetry and writing on his blog.

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