Saturday, April 21, 2012

REVIEW: Mist by Kathryn James

What really appealed to me about Mist by Kathryn James is, I will admit, the beautiful cover. I think it's lovely. And I was also quite curious about how and where British author Kathryn James would take this story. once I began, I couldn't stop reading Mist!

It's a book about a girl who travels into an Elven mist in order to rescue her sister. I love that Nell, our main character is 13 and that this book is aimed at 10+ but still this book is exciting and dangerous and thrilling. This book would be exactly what I'd want to read, both at that age and now. Especially as Nell is a bit different and stands out a bit by her unusual dress-sense and being the only person who can remember Evan River's name.

I really loved seeing how Nell's nan's stories of the Elven have come true in this book. Fairy stories and legends are always so fascinating that I love that storytelling aspect. And the mist and the woods that surrounds Nell's town is pretty creepy. I love that Kathryn James took inspiration from the British woodlands in order to create this fictional land of the Elven!

Despite warnings from the boy Nell is crushing on, Nell's sister Gwen has a late-night 16th birthday party in the woods and is taken by the Elven. It up to Nell and cute but mysterious Evan River to journey into the mist and rescue Gwen. Nell must use all her wits in order to go up against the Elven, to barter for her older sister, and to make it make it out of the Mist in time.

It's very exciting, this book. I'm pleasantly surprised with how addictive reading it became. I wanted Nell to succeed very badly and I just couldn't see how it could be accomplished throughout most of the book. I loved reading of Nell's relationships - both with her sister, Gwen and with Evan. The Elven sound pretty interesting with the different families and power struggles. I can see myself really enjoying learning more about this new world.

Bring on the sequel, Frost, published later this year!


  1. Ooh this sounds really good, and a bit different. Completely agree about the cover being lovely too!

  2. Ooh, that sounds really intriguing. I'll definitely look for it!

  3. Oh wow- I definitely need to read this one- I had no idea that it was British, and it sounds like such a good story. Thanks for the review!

  4. Mist is one of the best books i have ever read!!!! <3


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