Sunday, September 27, 2015

#YAShot Readathon Review Link-up

As I'm sure you all know by now, the #YAShot readathon starts tomorrow! I'm putting this up early in case anyone was desperate to start early. I know I was! Do check out for more information about YAShot, to buy tickets, check out the programme and follow along with the YAShot Blog/Vlog Tour!

Reminder, the YAShot Readathon runs between the 28 September - 28 October.

Here, again, is a list of all the books by authors attending YAShot. There are almost 200 books to choose from!

This readathon isn't about speed-reading through as many as you can (though I'm sure that would be nice, especially in terms of clearing our never ending TBR piles!) but about reading and reviewing/talking about these books.

Reviewing books can mean anything: writing reviews on your blog, Goodreads etc. Tweeting your thoughts about a YAShot book read during the readathon. Uploading a video review or mini-reviews of more than one YAShot book. Sharing a photo and your thoughts on Instagram or Facebook. While longer, more in-depth discussions of books are great, don't put yourself under too much pressure here. We're all about low-pressure reading during this readathon!

Do collect all your links in which you talk about the book you're reading for the readathon and add them to the link-up below. Please only add links that will take me specifically to your reviews, any links that do not do this will sadly be deleted. The more links you add, the more chances you have of winning prizes at the end of the event. All prizes will be signed books by YAShot authors.

Open to anyone, anywhere, whether you are attending YAShot or not.

Most importantly? Have fun.

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  1. wish i could have read them all but loved the 6 i read before the event and planning on reading the rest as soon as i can.


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