Wednesday, February 07, 2018

52: Write A Poem A Week

So... as it is now February, I thought that it would be a little too late to write a post entitled 'What I Got For Christmas' but that is sort of what I wanted to write about today.  I may have mentioned before that I have a Happiness List (like a Bucket List but with a more positive spin) and also a Year of Fun plan that I put into place every year.  I want 2018 to be a year where I accomplish things, where I push myself creatively and also in other ways.  I want to get back into both reading and writing this blog, naturally.  But one of the other things I really want to do this year has to do with this book...

I got this book, 52: Write A Poem A Week by Jo Bell and various for Christmas and I just love the idea of it.  It's a collection of poetry writing prompts for every week in a year and it includes a poem with each prompt to give the reader an example of sorts but also to introduce certain types of poetry writing techniques.  It sounds pretty good for a complete beginner like me.  If I'm honest, I've only read the first prompt and poem and have been mulling it over ever since (I read that first prompt on Christmas Day, ha!)

But that's a thing I want to do this year.  Perhaps not every week and who knows? Maybe I won't use this book for inspiration or guidance for long.  But it's a start.  Poetry has had such an enormous impact on my life over the last couple of years and I really want it to play a part in my present and in my future too.

Do you have any creative goals for yourself in 2018?

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