Monday, February 13, 2006


Oops, I accidently hit the 'Publish Post' button without finishing my bit about newspapers. I was reading this morning and came across two things. (Hmm, maybe I should keep the links to these places) The first was that Gordon Ramsay started this campaign to get people eat Sunday lunch together with their families. I love the idea. We have a dining table, which currently has this computer spread across it. We eat dinner in front of the TV, lately to watch 24 season 4 (wow). When I still back in America, we didn't use the table either, in fact - my family did as much as possible to spend as little time with each other as possible. My dad had his living room, I had mine. I ate out for nearly a year (I could only afford junk food) to get out of the house. Our family spent years breaking apart from each other, but I used to love eating as a family. We'd have tacos and have all the little bits in different bowls on the table, and someone would always eat all the cheese and I'd have to grate some more and no one would eat the tomatoes.

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