Friday, January 19, 2007


It is seriously cold in this house. Something happened last night, which wasn't noticed until just as we were coming up to bed - the heating didn't come on. It usually switches on around 5pm and stays on for a few hours so the house is nice and cosy when we get into bed (at 9pm). But instead, the house is chilly. Not much we could do last night, but I checked this morning and there's no flame in our boiler. What does this mean? The thought of no hot water or heating seriously scares me. Boy and I have bundled up today in many layers, but this better go away, I mean, look how long it took Kate to have her boiler fixed... no, this isn't happening!

Also, my Sky box isn't working. Not only am I freezing in my own home, I can't watch last night's ER either.

*********Update: I am such a drama-queen! We were only short of the heating for less than a day, and then a fried knowledgeable in boilers came around and between him and N, it was fixed without much of a problem! No cold showers, or freezing toes for me!


  1. Ooh, no heat? I hope that you can get it fixed soon. Brrrr!


  2. I would think that not being able to watch last nights ER is a blessing in disguise. ;)


  3. Oh you poor thing. I hope you get heat soon. its below freezing here with snow, whats the weather like there you you?

  4. Oh no!
    Hopefully it's just the pilot light or something since the flame is out. Mine only took so long because several things broke one after another and the gasman said he'd never had one do that before.
    I hope you get it sorted and nice and warm again soon! xxx

  5. I hope that it is nothing bad. I actually like having the house cold when I go to bed. It makes cuddling under piles of blankets so much more fun. It also saves money too which is super nice.

  6. Aw Sky. You make me miss England. My mother in law lives just outside of Cambridge. I ate two boxes of battenburg cakes she sent me from England the other day. I nearly threw up ... but you know what? I would do it all again. Oh, England. Home of the best chocolates and marzipan wrapped cakes.

  7. Hi! Ran across your blog on the Blogging Chicks blogroll...very cute layout!

    Speaking as someone who's had to take a cold shower when the water heater broke a couple weeks ago--get that checked ASAP! Cold water does not a nice shower make! :)

  8. Its freezing, our office heating is broken too. I hope you get it fixed soon!


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