Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bad blogger

I haven't been blogging lately. You may have noticed. It's partly laziness and partly this slight cold I've been dealing with for the last few days.

I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and can have this baby at any moment. For weeks I've been hoping he'd come really soon and now I'm thinking I don't have the strength for the labour when my body aches, I'm coughing and have a blocked nose. Maybe I need a little more time to relax before this house dives into chaos.

We finally got our double pushchair last week. I wanted to assemble it and take a photo, but I felt exhausted halfway through and gave up and N had to chuck all the bits into the garage to get them out of the way. Everyone keeps asking if we have everything ready for the newborn's arrival and I'm starting to get paranoid that we don't. But I think we do.

Easter is coming up and I'd love to organise an Easter egg hunt and lovely fun Easter-y things to with Elliot, but the idea also makes me feel very tired. It's also N's birthday Easter weekend. I've been thinking for at least a month about what to get him, and I've come up with exactly nothing. The solution? I spoke to N, who agreed he wanted/needed nothing for his birthday, and we're going to spend the money that would have gone on presents for fun activities we can do together with Elliot. Crafty activities, seeing as how Elliot's first forays into Playdoh and painting were a huge success.

Sigh. This is as much as I can manage right now.


  1. wow 37 weeks, I can;t wait to meet the new baby!

  2. Oh how I wish I were close by to you. I'd come assemble that for you. I had to do it all over here as the husband doesn't do to well with anything that needs to be put together but I enjoy it!

    Hope that cold goes away soon.


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