Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Littlest at nursery

...It's finally time. My Littlest turned three in March, and now he's old enough to go to nursery for half a day during the week. We've settled on afternoons for him and we had a little nursery visit beforehand and a home visit from some of the nursery workers.

Through it all, Littlest has felt a little nervous about attending. I'd noticed since my Eldest went off to primary school last September that my Littlest felt a little unsure of himself. A little shy around other people that doesn't show up as much when his big brother is around him to give him comfort and assurance. Now that he's on his own, Littlest has always felt a little unsteady. When I took him to swimming classes and a music and dance class he's always shied away and even hid from children his own age. So I worried.

I worried that he might find going to nursery to be a trying time for him. I worried that he'd want me there or that he'd be afraid. But something happened recently, or it could just be a gradual change in himself but whatever the case, his first day at nursery was last week. And he was thrilled and excited to go.

We live quite near the nursery, it's only a few minutes walk away. And every day that he's been, he bounces along or drags my arm to hurry and when he sees the school, he shouts 'MY SCHOOL!' and does his little dance.

And at the same time as being absolutely thrilled to bits that he's had no trouble, I'm also a little sad. He's my baby. I've spent the last three years with him constantly nearby, entertaining him and reading to him. And now the house is so quiet without his beautiful laughter filling it up.

I hold him tight when I go to collect him every day.


  1. That's a lovely post and he's SO GORGEOUS. I love the idea of his little dance. I know just how you feel though - Joe would love to go to preschool and he's had his name down since his second birthday, but I'm just not ready to let him go yet. :(

  2. Aww, so sweet. Is it my imagination, or do both of your boys look extremely alike now. He reminds me of the pictures you used to put up of your eldest.

    It seems so long ago that mine started nursery, they start secondary school this year. Eek!

  3. Aw, what a lovely post. So pleased that he found his confidence again ready for his first day.

  4. He's so cute, Michelle! I'm so glad he enjoys nursery.

  5. Aw! So cute. I hope he retains his love for nursery and education overall.

    I remember my nursery days. I would become so angry with my father when he came to pick me up- not because I wanted to stay at nursery, but because he left me there lol:)

    My nephew started nursery last year. He used to like it at first and used to be excited to go, but now he doesn't like it anymore.

  6. Ah, he's such a cutie! Lady M started nursery last week too - it made me feel quite peculiar, like I was throwing her to the wolves of the big wide world but she (of course) loves it.

  7. Keris - Isn't he gorgeous? :) Thank you, I love hearing that!

    I completely know what you mean. We did originally have Littlest down for starting last September, but when it came down to it, I wasn't ready. :( I wish you the best of luck when it's Joe's turn!

    Vivienne- It really ISN'T your imagination. Both my boys look incredibly similar, everyone remarks on it.

    I can't believe your girls are in secondary school now, what a transition!

    Jenni - It's such a great thing, seeing him grow in his own self-confidence. Love him.

    Sophie - Thank you! I am too :)

    Kulsuma - Ooh, I definitely hope so as well. My Eldest at 5 (and a quarter, as he likes to point out!) still loves school. I often wonder if that will always be the case.

    Sya - AWWW. I'm glad Lady M is loving nursery as well, it's hard on us mothers, isn't it? :)


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